The innovation of recruitment companies during the pandemic


It’s safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic was a real struggle for all of us however those on the frontline was bearing the real battle. During the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare and social care workers were on the frontline helping people in need as well as putting themselves in harm’s way. Throughout this time thousands of people had to leave work either due to getting ill or following the mandatory regulations which led to Covid-19 posing a serious threat to long-term vacancies and employment rates. The health leaders announced that hospitals were facing a serious staffing crisis regardless of trusts cutting back on patients needing surgery. On top of the evident 40,000 nurse vacancies in the UK, the previously retired staff who were re-hired to help battle against Covid-19, are leaving because of the physical and mental effects of the pandemic.

Challenges of recruitment in the pandemic-

During the pandemic a lot of companies were going bust and employment rates were dropping. Work from home became a very helpful scenario for most so they could still earn and provide.  A lot of healthcare organisations continued with their work so they could help provide the frontline with more staff. Those organisations continuing to recruit have faced a number of challenges especially since they are looking for people with the right qualifications and skills.

The challenges recruitment companies faced due to the restrictions of the pandemic such as social distancing rules made it difficult to interview in person. HR departments are operating remotely so they need to coordinate hiring programmes without the benefit of being physically together as a team, and processes such as right to work document checks have had to happen over video calls. Figures show that 86 per cent of businesses have been conducting virtual interviews during the pandemic, and 85 per cent are using new technology to onboard employees. 

Changing the way of employment-

From the start of the pandemic to now is completely different. Before you would simply go for a face-to-face interview, conversate, and there would be engagement. However now in the recent misfortune of the pandemic the world has moved online with everything operating from people’s homes. In terms of the hiring process for companies, there has been a surge of companies now using apps such as Microsoft teams, Zoom and virtual video which has simply allowed agencies to interview their candidates through these video apps.

Not only this but a lot of candidates now do their training online such as sitting in a virtual classroom delivered by experienced and skilled training professionals, which is a mandatory process before they step into the line of work. The videos in the training show candidates how certain activities should be carried out in practice, as well as how employees can also access additional e-learning modules. A further step is a detailed risk assessment to find out whether candidates have had to self-isolate previously, and whether they have come into contact with anyone who has tested positive to Covid-19.

As a Result-

Even though the pandemic caused a catastrophe, we come out learning a lot especially if something this bad ever happened again. We have learnt how to handle things online and the processes we must go through. The pandemic has helped to innovate and rethink elements of the recruitment process. Incorporating video calling technology to allow for remote interviewing is something that will definitely stay.

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