Communication Skills for International Healthcare Assistants

Communication Skills
International Healthcare Assistants



1 h, 30 m

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Benefits Of Completing This Course:

Effective communication is crucial for success. Barriers to communication include a lack of understanding or shared context. It's important to be aware of cultural differences and communication styles in a new role or in the UK.

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Material Includes

Course Curriculum

01. Key Communication Skills

Introduction to Lesson One - Exploring Core Considerations

Video Slide - Key Communication Skills

The Cycle Of Communication

02. The Barriers to Communication

Introduction to Barriers of Communication

Video Slide Presentation - Barriers to Communication

Barriers - Physical, Mental Health Conditions and Disabilities

Test: The Six stages of the Communication Cycle

Other Communication Challenges

03. Settling into your Role and the UK

Introduction to the Lesson

How Healthcare Organisations may Plan your Integrartion

Live - in Assistant

Final Interactive Exercise

04. Further Resources

Helpful LInks

Transcripts of Conversation to Read Through

What Student’s Say

Our core values are at the heart of all that we do.

Thabo Nkosi

As an International Healthcare Assistant applicant from South Africa, this online training was very useful as I was able to learn specific communication techniques in connection to the British culture. I also enjoyed the interactive assessments which made the course more engaging. I will also consider enrolling onto the Part 2 training.

Yetty Balogun

I just finished completing this course and found all the resources helpful and the exercises were interesting and fun. The course was also user friendly and straightforward. I would recommend taking this course and registering with Carest Recruitment.

Lucy Mwangi

The course took me around 2 hours to complete because I wanted to take my time and understand all the units carefully. I was also attracted to the course and the profile of Carest Recruitment because now that I have completed the course, I am able to receive first hand updates on upcoming sponsorships.

Tawanda Jacobs

This Communication Skills course is ideal for those who desire to come to the United Kingdom to work in the health care sector as it gives you an insight on how to communicate effectively within UK healthcare settings, with care team members and most importantly patients from different cultures. The Enrolment was straightforward and the training team were very helpful.

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