The Kickstart Scheme is an employability program for young people between the ages of 16 to 24 years old who are in receipt of Universal Credit. The government has invested £2 billion to get young people onto job placements and gain new skills in able to become more employable in the future. The duration of the scheme is from November 2020 to December 2021.

Our gateway partner will support you to create job placements for a young person whom will work alongside you for 6 months. You will be assisted with applying for the Kickstart Scheme grant to fund your placement whereby the government will pay the young person the full National Minimum wage for 25 hours per week, for the whole 6 months. You will also be assisted with services that will save you time in able for you to focus on running your business and working with your young Kickstart employee.

In able to prevent young people at risk from long term unemployment, our aim is to work alongside you and the Kickstart Scheme to provide valuable experience and training to a young person.


To be eligible, the young person must:

  • Be claiming Universal Credit
  • Must be aged between 16 to 24 years old
  • Must be able to commit to a 6 months work placement, working a minimum of 25 hours per week

The 6 month job placement will provide the young Kickstart employee with:

-New work experience and training (working 25 hours per week)

-National Minimum wage, NI Contributions,  and automatic enrolment contributions (paid by the Government)

-CV Preparation, Interview Skills, Online job seeking skills and Customer Service skills to name a few…


Our gateway partner can assist you with the following:

  • Submit your Kickstart Scheme application for funding on your behalf in able to hire and fill any number of placements you can offer
  • Work with you to create the placement and job description for the young Kickstart employee
  • Administer the candidate screening and shortlisting process
  • HR support
  • Offer employability training to your young Kickstart employee
  • Ensure your young Kickstart employee gets paid every month
  • And much more…

Get Started

The Government is urging all businesses, big or small, national or local to join the Kickstart Scheme and employ as many young Kickstart employees as possible.

Together with our partner gateway, we can fully support you all the way to access and benefit from the government’s Kickstart Scheme. We will consult with you to create the job placements, finding the right young person for your business and assist you with any HR requirements you require.

If you believe you can offer a young person a worthwhile employment opportunity and job placement for 6 months and receive free grant funding in return, please complete the Registration Form below to get started, and a consultant will contact you to finalise your application.



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