Compulsory Covid-19 vaccines for healthcare workers

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, life became chaotic. Especially for those working on the frontline in healthcare who were constantly exposed to the virus. In December 2020, there were discussions about making the vaccination mandatory for all health and social care staff. This applied to all those working in the NHS and private hospitals, GP surgeries, community services or other health or social care organisations.

What does this mean for all healthcare workers?

If you are a frontline worker in the NHS, you are more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 at work and are at much higher risk of repeated exposure to the infection. The concept behind getting the Covid-19 vaccination is to protect the vulnerable such as patients and nursing home residents. Since these are the frailest people, they will be more likely to easily become sick. Catching COVID-19 can be serious and may lead to long term complications especially in older people or those with underlying medical risk factors. Each healthcare employee that did not get vaccinated and whose role requires direct contact with patients will no longer be able to work. They will have to be reassigned to non-patient-facing roles or made out of work so with elevated rates of COVID-19. It is more important than ever to help stop the spread of coronavirus, to avoid pressure on the NHS and most of all to keep the health and social care workforce healthy.

The Importance of the Covid-19 jab

Over the last couple of years, COVID-19 has taken so many lives, especially among older people or those with underlying health conditions. Even while using an effective use of infection control and prevention such as personal protective equipment and social distancing which has helped crucially. The vaccines are making a major difference protecting the lives of people receiving care and support, and of those in the social care workforce. The injections are there to reduce the whole risk of infection. Some immunised people may get mild or symptomless infection and therefore be able to pass the virus on. It is likely that any virus in a vaccinated person will be less severe. We therefore expect that immunised health and care staff will be less likely to spread to the vulnerable people.

 The effect on healthcare if the jab is mandatory

The biggest fear of the jab becoming and being mandatory is that it will aggravate the current worrisome staffing shortage that already is present across England. There are over 100,000 healthcare vacancies across England, and existing staff are severely overworked, with many already thinking of leaving the profession. Leaving us in a very tough position nationwide. Due to the lack of staffing and the multiple issues that come with getting the vaccination they are trying to get the ministers to delay making Covid vaccinations mandatory for healthcare workers. If this continues the situation may worsen, and many people will struggle to access the care that they need. 73,000 staff may consider leaving rather than getting vaccinated.


The Covid jab is there to lessen the effects and enable that the people receiving care can be as protected as possible. Its wise that you get the jab to keep you and the others around you as safe especially if you work in healthcare due to the vulnerable. It is said that Healthcare workers need two jabs to work, and it has shown that already 90% of NHS staff are already double jabbed.


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